Diese Illustrationen zeigen, dass Liebe das Schönste auf der Welt ist

Was wäre unsere Welt ohne Liebe?


Immer mit derselben Person zu knutschen kann wunderbar sein! © Puuung1 / Instagram

Ja, ich schreibe oft beziehungskritische Texte und hinterfrage Klischees und Standards. Grundsätzlich ist die Liebe natürlich eine ganz und gar wunderbare, beflügelnde Angelegenheit, ohne die unsere gesamte Existenz sinnlos, kalt, düster, leer und traurig wäre.

Das weiß auch die südkoreanische Illustratorin Puuung. In ihren warmherzigen Zeichnungen fängt sie all die zauberhaften, kleinen Momente ein, die eine Liebesbeziehung zwischen zwei Menschen zu einem Zuhause machen.

So schön ist Liebe im Alltag:

Wenn ihr zusammen kocht und abwascht…

… oder auch mal was bestellt:

Wenn ihr netflixt & chillt, und zwar wirklich:

Wenn ihr einfach nur kuschelt:

Oder selig auf der Couch einschlaft:

Wenn ihr euch gegenseitig tröstet und aufmuntert:

Besonders natürlich, wenn ihr knutscht:

Wenn ihr endlich in eine gemeinsame Wohnung zieht:

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he twenty fifth story I picked up is by Emanuel Ivan. For over a year, our relationship was a long distance one. We faced challenges, but in the end, it drew us closer. In the end, I moved to England, were she was living. The problem was that now there were around 300 km between us. During the first months of my stay there, I faced one of the most difficult periods of my life: I was alone, got sick and ended with no work. But, one morning, my girlfriend called me on the phone and asked me to go to the railway station, because she 'sort of needed some help'. I already knew what happened, and I was mad at her: she traveled around 300 km at the first hour in the morning, only to see me and bring me food. The thing is, my girlfriend is quite small and delicate, but I swear I was not able to carry all the bags in which she brought me food, for the 500m to were I was living. Still, she carried them, on her own, for several km and a 300 km train ride. It was priceless to see how much she loved me, and I started crying as we were carying the bags The stories published serially will end for now this year. I enjoyed the time spent reading, and drawing your stories. Great thanks to those of you who shared your stories. I plan to return next year with even greater publications of stories after rearrangements so please stay tuned! Thank you!

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… und euch jeden Abend gegenseitig live von eurem Tag erzählen könnt:

Wenn ihr romantisch essen geht:

Und wenn ihr euch liebevoll neckt:

Wenn ihr einen Fahrrad-Ausflug macht:

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eighteenth story I picked up is by Stephanie Sims Dear Puuung, Thank you for all your lovely drawings! My boyfriend and I have enjoyed every one of them. And we also felt very lucky that we got to stop by your booth, meet you and see more of your drawings this past Spring at Livre Paris. One of my favorite memories with my boyfriend is the time we rode our bicycles together on a hot summer day through Chicago and he stopped to kiss me! We were on our way to the ice cream shop and got stopped at a red light. And as we waited for the light to turn green, he leaned over to kiss me! It was so cute how he took advantage of the few seconds we were waiting to think to lean over and kiss me. Neither of us cared how we looked a bit silly – standing straddling our bikes, wearing helmets, kissing in the street while waiting for the light to turn green. It was still so sweet. We both giggled and smiled after as we continued on our bike ride. Thank you again for sharing with us your drawings of what love is! <3 Who's next of the special event? Please tell me the valuable moment you want to cherish as illustration in below comment section. I will pick one of the stories among those left from today until Sunday and show how I turned your memory into a drawing next Wednesday along with your story. I’ll be looking forward to hearing many of your storie Who's next of the special event? Please tell me the valuable moment you want to cherish as illustration. I’ll be looking forward to hearing many of your stories. Visit the link below now !! grafolio.com/works/202971

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Und wenn ihr in die Sterne schaut:

Wenn ihr zusammen im Pyjama Kakao trinkt…

… oder zusammen trainiert:

Wenn ihr zu zweit verreist und die Welt entdeckt:

Auch, wenn Beziehungen oft kompliziert und anstrengend sein können: Es gibt einfach wirklich nichts Wichtigeres und Schöneres als die Liebe.